Trying something new

New set up #

Trying something new and moving to serverless deployment. Should make it easier to blog more and keep things a bit more tidy. Design of the blog will be continual work in progress. Especially porting old blog posts over...

Ideally I wanted something that was easy to use, but also flexible and allowed me to learn something new. The previous version was using the Hugo framework, which is really quick for building static sites. I had a blast playing around with it but wanted to try something new. I still believe it's a great option for creating a new site quickly. Maybe it was just me that didn't explore enough of it's potential

Currently this layout is done using 11ty and then hosted by Zeit. Zeit essentially does serverless builds for you, and you can connect it to a repo.

This simplifies my workflow by 1 step, since I don't have to build myself. Now I just push a markdown file to the repo and Zeit hooks will build and deploy, saving me the issue of forgetting to save and build.

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