Skyline traverse + Little Criffel

Wanaka #

Starting from Glendhu bay, running along the Millenium Track, then up Roy's peak and across to Mount Alpha. Then a tussock descent to Sprotts Creek and the car park on Cardona valley road.

The bit from Glendhu bay is cruisy, about 11.5km before the start of climbing up Roy's. The endless switch back in the sun up Roy's means you should probably aim for an early start if you don't want to be suffering in the sun too much. Also keep drinking water and eating since it'll be at least an hour of uphill.

Lots of opportunities to stop and take photos, and give legs the quick break.

Roy's peak

From the top of Roy's a quick descent before starting to climb again, up towards Mount Alpha. This part of the traverse is the trickiest, a narrow off camber path and steep fall off. Very fun though, embrace the fear and run with it. The rock structures around this area are wild, feels like there could be Nazgul up there in the dark. On a windy day, the ridge gets real windy I bet.


Downhill through tussock fields, with amazing views all around.


Some awesome farmland down towards Sprotts Creek.


Park 2: Little Criffel #

Reached the carpark with around 34km done, met up with friends we went towards Little Criffel, for another climb. This required a bit of running along the motorway, before cutting across a field and starting the climb up.


Once at the tops, it was awesome to be running along the endless views, and being able to look back and see the Skyline that I just came down.



There is either the option to turn around at the top of Little Criffel and head back the way you came, or do the loop and go down that way. Turning around is the easiest and quickest way if you want to avoid bush bashing and lots of prickly bushes.

down criffel


The total for me ended up being 54.5km, 3000m elevation, 9:21 elapsed time.
An amazing adventure out in Wanaka. (If alone, you could totally run back into Wanaka along the motorway)

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