Why did you move to New Zealand?

I’ve gotten that question from friends, strangers, and pretty much anybody who has wondered why I got up and left my life in Vancouver and moved to Auckland. It’s been over a week since I’ve landed in Auckland, almost 10 days to be exact because my Airbnb runs out tomorrow. I grew up in Vancouver, went to elementary school there, went to highschool there, went to university there. The only time I ever left home was to work in Ontario for 16 months, and even then I knew that my path would lead me back home, since it was only an internship. Personally, I was very comfortable in Vancouver, I had a job that wasn’t too stressful, I had friends to hang out and have fun with, and life was good. Without sounding privleged and entitled, and I understand I am, I felt that I wanted to experience what might else might be out there for me, so why not?

2016 was a big year for me, and I felt that within the year I learned lots. Learning both about myself, but also learning about others. Moving to a new city, a new country, across the ocean, worlds apart, has forced me embrace change and to step outside my comfort zone. But I’m young, and this is what I think is good for me, to learn these things now rather than later. I had originally much different plans for 2016 and 2017, but I was young and naive. Everything is always sunshine and rainbows until it isn’t.

What are your plans for here?

That’s another question that I’ve been asked often, probably because I’m looking for a place to live and landlords want people for long term mostly. It’s already been a very introspective week, finding a place to live and a place to call home. Do I want a social house? Or a quieter house where I can come home to relax? How do I sound ideal and cool to the other roommates? What do I actually enjoy doing?

These are all questions that I’ve been asking myself since arriving, and it’s been a real test of self character. I’ve never really considered all these things before, and until now I’m still not really sure what my plans for living in Auckland are. I think I’m almost too carefree about it, most of my friends are worrying way more than me and I feel bad about making them worry. But I’m confident everything will work out, and I’ll be alright.

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