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About us

Our focus is to make cycling safer for everyone and promote co-operation between road users via technology. Our core group consists of individuals who love cycling.

Edward Wu


Engineering Physics graduate from UBC. Worked in the biomedical industry before travelling the world to experience bicycle culture. He is bringing his passion for cycling and technology to make cycling safer

Billy Fung

Software Engineer

Majored in Engineering Physics with a passion for automation and quality improvement. He has worked within the pulp and paper industry, and the telecommunications industry doing research and development. He is passionate about all things outdoors, and enjoys spending time learning new things.

Ryan Yee


Majored in Engineering Physics with a commerce minor and works in business development and consulting. He has a plethora of skills gained from working in software development at Amazon and business operations at MinaCore. Enjoys expanding his wine industry knowledge in his spare time, coupled with road cycling.

"I'm more optimistic about cycling right now than I've ever been" - Greg Lemond, 3 time Tour de France winner

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