Billy Fung

How to Grow?

Billy Fung / 2018-02-18

I recently got back from a week vacation, where I didn’t think about code (much) and focused mainly on what I enjoyed. I think individuality is something that really troubles me, at least trying to write and identify it does. Within my generation, we’ve seen some sort of paradigm shift where people are starting to speak out for who they are and what they believe in. This isn’t dissimilar to a revolution, but aided by technology, this movement grows much quicker.

But my main point is that I still cannot say whether technology aids or hinders us, as a species, to grow. This morning I read Yihui’s blog post about his personal career history, and growth. The procrastination part really stood out to me, because I can relate about working on things you really want to, and easily ignoring the stuff you don’t. This happened to me throughout university as well, because I had already decided that I wouldn’t be pursuing any further education. This meant that the “boring” classes got less of my time, and usually ended up with me focusing on doing the minimum amount of work needed. But I think the main hitter of the post (to me) is realising your strengths and weaknesses, and then trying to improve.

With a lot of pro-procrastinators, they end up never really planning anything, and just doing what they like till something pulls them back to doing what they have to do. Within life, some people call this a carefree spontaneity. But lately I’ve been thinking that this is a strong weakness of mine. Without planning, I, like Yihui, end up not having a proper path forward.

This brings me to thinking about what I want to do for growth, and how I will bring it upon myself. I plan on running a lot more regularly, and then using that time to focus on myself, and think about my own personal philosophy during those running times.