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Subtitle fun

Billy Fung / 2015-10-09


So one of the things that I enjoy the most about Python is the vast number of libraries that exist out there. (note to self, would be neat to have a random python library finder) One of the recent libraries that I’ve come across is Videogrep, which is exactly what you think it is. It greps through videos. You provide a video file, along with a subtitle file and then it will search through subtitles for certain phrases, and apparently even patterns of speech (I haven’t personally tested this). And then it uses another awesome Python library, MoviePy and mashes together clips from the movie where the phrase/word is found. This produces quite amusing results if you have a movie or videos where something is constantly repeated.

Here’s somethign that I’ve made:


The repo itself requires some bit of work, so I might be spending some time going through the code and fixing things up. I’m not sure it properly takes a folder of videos to run through, I had to write a bash script to do it.