Billy Fung

Vandrico job application

Billy Fung / 2015-10-06

Vandrico application

So I’ve been applying to jobs and I’ve found that I get pretty interested in jobs that have coding challenges. Mainly because it gives me something to focus on for a little bit, instead of just droning away trying to make my cover letter interesting. One recent coding question involved making a POST request and then guessing a number.

It seemed like a harmless enough question and since I don’t come from a software background, it seemed fun to me. To tackle the problem, I used the requests module in python, and then implemented a binary search to reduce the amount of time to guess the number. Binary search is a divide and conquer algorithm, so you are recursively adjusting the range in which you are searching for the number.

    def binarysearch(num, low, high):
       numguesses = num 
       theguess = (low + high)/2
       guess = {“guess”:theguess}
       r =, json = guess)
       if high < low:
          return -1 #lol high isn’t less than low
          mid = (low + high)/2
       if “correct” in r.text:
          return (mid, numguesses)
          if “high” in r.text:
             numguesses = numguesses + 1
             return binarysearch(numguesses, low, mid-1)
             numguesses = numguesses + 1
             return binarysearch(numguesses,mid+1, high)

I never heard back so this means either my solution isn’t complete or they just don’t like my solution. I suppose it would be beneficial to write unit tests for it?